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Hola! Hope your doing good because I’m doing great. This last Tuesday September 27, 2017,  A Curly Mess was officially live for everyone to see and it felt awesome.
The first post was about me and my aspirations. To continue and finish the “Back to Blogging Week” I want to share with you this tag. It’s called the This and That Tag. There are so many tags around the Blogging and YouTube World and this one just catch my attention because is a perfect and different way for you to get to know the beauty and fashion side of me.
So let’s get to the tag!
Blush or bronzer: I love bronzer but sometimes I can go with out so I choose BLUSH
Lip gloss or lipstick: LIPSTICK all the way. 
Eye liner or mascara: MASCARA; it’s my everyday must makeup product. It makes my lashes be completely different and on point
Foundation or concealer: CONCEALER. It makes me look awake when I really haven’t had to much sleep
Neutral or color eye shadow: NEUTRAL EYESHADOW. It blends better with my latina skin color. Plus I love dark smokey eyes 🙂
Pressed or loose eye shadows: PRESSED EYE SHADOWS. I have more control of it.
Brushes or sponges: I have to say 50/50 in this one because  I use both for different reasons.
OPI or china glaze: I haven’t try OPI so CHINA GLAZE.
Long or short: SHORT, but not that short. Medium size is better
Acrylic or natural: NATURAL. 
Brights or darks: depends on the season but I’m usually wearing a nude DARK COLOR.
Flower or no flower: FLOWERS. Nail Art rocks!
Perfume or body splash: BODY SPLASH. I use it every single day. Plus I used to work at Bath and Body works so all I have is that, jeje.
Lotion or body butter: BODY BUTTER. Gives your skin more glow, and its more moisturizing. 
Body wash or soap: BODY WASH. I feel more clean using my loofa and body wash from Bath and Body Works.** Not sponsonsord **
Lush or other bath company: I haven’t visit Lush so BATH AND BODY WORKS
Jeans or sweat pants: JEANS. Who doesn’t like jeans? 
Long sleeve of short: SHORT SLEEVE. The weather in Puerto Rico is almost 90 degrees every day so the heat is pretty heavy
Dresses or skirts: DRESSES. Specially those sunday comfy dresses
Stripes or plaid: STRIPES. 
Flip flops or sandals: SANDALS. They are comfy and presentable
Scarves or hats: SCARVES. My curly hair doesn’t fit an hats, jaja.
Studs or dangly earrings: STUDS. Always wearing my pearl ones.
Necklaces or bracelets: NECLKACES. They give a different look to any outfit. You can go from boring to WOW
Heels or flats: FLATS. I love heels for special occasions.
Cowboy boots or riding boots: RIDING BOOTS
Jacket or hoodie: JACKET
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe: CHARLOTTE RUSSE all the way. Well, I work there so obviously CR is the choice. 
Abercombie or Hollister: HOLLISTER
Saks 5th or Nordstrom: NORDSTROM. I don’t buy over there but the stores are amazing. 
Curly or straight: CURLY, no doubt about that. I have curly curly hair!
Bun or ponytail: BUN. A messy bun with curly hair is always neat.
Bobby pins or butterfly clips: BOBBY PINS. No matter how many times they disappear in my curly hair, jeje. 
Hair spray or gel: HAIR SPRAY. 
Long or short: I had long hear that I loved it so much but now a leaning to SHORT!!
Light or dark: LIGHT. I’m blonde know.
Side sweep bangs or full bangs: FULL BANGS
Up or down: DOWN. I love my hair and rarely I have my hair up.
Rain or shine: SHINE. Puerto Rico is the Island of Enchainment where the  sun is always bright. 
Summer or winter: SUMMER. Every day in Puerto Rico is like summer, hot. Although my favorite holiday is Navidad/Christmas
Fall or spring: FALL. Love everything from makeup and fashion. 
Chocolate or vanilla: CHOCOLATE, like me jaja
East coast or west coast: WEST COAST. California: soon to be my new home. 
The End. It was fun doing this tag. It let be think a little bit and that a challenge to beat. It was a little bit difficult choosing one thing from another but it’s done.
I hope you enjoy this post. If you enjoyed this, I invite you to do it as well and leave the answers in the comment box. I would really love to see your answers to see what we have in common.
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Posts Coming Soon Next Week:  IPSY Glam Bag Unboxing , September Favorites.



2 thoughts on “THIS or THAT Tag!

  1. Gina, no te conozco personalmente pero a través del FB de tu mami te he visto desarrollarte en una mujer increíble. Tu mama y yo estudiamos juntas desde la elemental hasta la universidad aunque distintas carreras. Tienes mucho de tu mami,Dios te bendiga y te deseo muchísimo éxito en todo lo que emprendas. Eres un orgullo y ejemplo de mujer emprendedora,inteligente,moderna y muy chic. Exitos¡¡¡

    Liked by 1 person

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