New Experience: Race for the Cure Puerto Rico 2016

Race for the Cure 2016.png

 Today’s post is about doing something for a good cause. For many years the Susan G. Komen Puerto Rico have done the significant Race for the Cure in Puerto Rico for the Cancer Awareness Month. For 2 years I have been volunteering  in the event as part of the  community service of the American Marketing Association. This year 2016 I decided to run it in memory of my grandma who died from cancer, my great grandma, and my best friend’s mom Marta.
I want to share my experience with you because it was a rollercoaster of emotions for me, from being sad to be happy and proud of me.
The day of October 2nd,2016 started at 8:30 am waking up to get ready. My sister and I dressed up and by 10:40am we were in our way to eat breakfast. We were going to meet up with two of my besties from my job, Charlotte Russe, to eat a delicious breakfast. We stopped at a Denny’s and we eat until we can’t no more. After that, it was time to enjoy the event. The race was at 5pm but from 11am there were a lot of activities, food kioks, and music.


We stopped for several minutes in front of a stage to watch a Dance Battle between different dance academies. Btw, the dances were awesome. We we’re enjoying the day so far until like 1pm the sky turned black and it started raining.  Near us there was a T-Mobile Booth so we went there to hide from the rain. The rain lasted for like 20 minutes. In those 20 minutes there were people hiding from the rain, others just stayed outside enjoying the rain. Our sneakers were wet, my phone was wet, and I was feeling uncomfortable having my socks wet. My feet started to hurt and the race wasn’t near to start.
The rain finally stopped after 20 min approximately. Everyone came out of the booths to continue the fun activities. My sister and friends of mine started walking to a better place to sit and dry ourselves. In that moment my dad called me from Facetime  to see how my sister and I doing. My brothers was close because he was volunteering so we took a picture. That picture means a lot to me because we were there for our grandmas.


As the day passed I was getting a little bit tired but I couldn’t leave because the race was at 5pm. It was 2:30pm when we decided to eat something to digest it good before the race. Church’s was our food destination. While we were eating, my best friend Eilee and I did a line to take pictures of two athletes who represented Puerto Rico in the Olympics 2016 in Rio. They were Jaime Espinal and Melissa Mojica. They were very nice, like most puertorricans.


4:00 pm hit the clock and it was time to go to the start line. We started walking to the start line and warming ourselves up. The start line was divided between walkers and runners. My friends, sister, and me were runners. YES! A lot of people were in our surroundings trying to take a spot to start the race. It was very clustered because there were like 10,000 people doing the race. The race was done from kids to seniors adults.  Just imagine how full it was. Just to give you a sneak peak of how it was, here it a picture.
At 5 o’clock a horn indicated the beginning of the race. I started jogging slowly because I wanted to finish alive, jaja. I did the first mile. So far, I was proud of myself because I have never done one mile running. It was always like half walking and half running. As I finish one mile I started walking the second one to recover. From the 2nd mile to the finish I walked and run. I was so tired but I needed to finish in a good way for the people I was doing the race. They deserved it, I said to myself. That was when in the last trail I started running without caring about how tired I was. I was running with my heart out and stepped on the finish line. I did the race in  45 minutes,that’s a record for me.
As soon as I stepped the finish line I stopped running and started walking and breathing. It was like 3 minutes walking until the finish of the trail. At the end, medals were given. I took mine and I took a long glimpse of it. I did not cried to the fullest but my eyes did have tears. In that moment I knew that my grandma in heaven, Abuela Luvy, is proud of me.  Also my great grandma who still lives with 98 years and my best friend’s mom were proud of me. My sister and I got reunited because my sister abandoned me during the race 😦 but as soon as we saw each other we took a photo in representation of our job done.


The race was over and I was so tired but not as tired as the  people who suffered or suffers from cancer. For that reason I stood up and tried not to be tired. We sat down to rest and by 6:30pm we were leaving the race. It was a long day but an awesome one. It’s my first year doing the race but certainly not the last.  This is one of many new experiences and adventures I will start to have. Starting with one that really gets me, emotionally, but inspiring me to do more.



Hope you enjoy my new experience. I invite you to do the race next year. You’re gonna have a good time.
Until next time:)




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