New Obsession + Review: NYX Lingerie

New Obsession- NYX Lip Lingerie.png

Ever since these lipsticks came out, every makeup lover like me, is crazy about them. I’m talking about the Lip Lingerie from NYX Cosmetics. They are so good that even professional makeup artists uses them and give well reviews.

So, last week I was arriving to my work at Charlotte Russe at Plaza Las Américas, a mall in Puerto Rico, and passing by the jewelry section we have a little space for the brand NYX Cosmetics. As I was passing by, I saw a full stack of new lipsticks, NYX Lingerie to be more specifically, in that space. Because I was a few minutes to start my shift, after four hours of working I ask the supervisor if I could take 15 minutes to buy them. Rosa, my supervisor, approved. They were just there for me, no one in four hours touched those lipsticks except for me. I grabbed 4 different colors and bought them. That purchase made my day. The End…


This 4 new shades are added to the NYX Lingerie Collection of mine. They have become my new obsession. Like every person in the world, I have my favorite shades but that doesn’t mean I can’t have all the shades. I NEED to have them all. Let me tell you about the collection. There are 6 out of 14 NYX Lip Lingerie shades in my collection. If you have seen them, they’re basically all the same shade pattern, NUDE. Some people say it’s the same shade and other people can distinguish which one is lighter and/or darker.I had trouble choosing which shade went better with my skin color but at the end I chose 4 shades. I had 2 more shades at home.


Lip Lingerie Shades I own/ Swaps:

1. #22. #53. #84. #105. #116. #12.png

Which one is my favorite? Teddy #10. It’s like a pale dark lilac with a little bit of brown. I can say it’s one of my everyday lipsticks. Wait, I think I just gave myself a post idea. Yes, I did. Never mind, continuing with the collection, my least favorite for the moment is #11 Baby Doll. It’s too light for my skin tone. The other shades are OK for my skin tone and likeness. PS. Beauty Mark and Teddy looks similar but Beauty Mark is a little bit darker than Teddy.

I imagine that you want to know where you can buy them? That’s why I’m gonna tell you right now.

  • Charlotte Russe
  • NYX Cosmetics Website
  • CVS or Walgreens
  • Preciosa (in Puerto Rico)


Pricing? $7. Good price for a good quality cosmetic.

Quality? Pretty good one. They are very creamy and pigmented. It practically lasts all day, it does not crack on your lips.


Shades? 14 shades but all in the same pattern, NUDE. It can be bad and sad for some people but as a marketing student myself I see it as branding. They want to keep the color pattern in purpose. Personally, I don’t mind that but it would be cool if they did like darker shades.

Competition: Kylie Collection? I haven’t tried the lipsticks from the Kylie Collection so I can’t give a comparison between them too. I just know that it has been all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Maybe I can just try one, for the fun of it.

Now you know about my new obsession and why is it. I had fun doing this post. I would like to know your obsession. If you have one, leave it in the comments down below:)

Until next time :))







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