What’s IN Now: The Patch Trend


Last year’s trend (2015) was all about the 70’s, this year (2016) soon to be 2017, was all about the 90’s. I know that in just one day is a new year and with it comes new trends but I feel that this trend is not going to end in 2016, it will introduce a new year. Blogs, magazines, and fashion websites are the eye opening frame that helps me know about which trends are happening and which are  coming up. Also, working on a clothing store like Charlotte Russe gives me the opportunity to know the fashion trends going on.

I think the blog post title says it all but I will mention it again, the 90’s trend I’m talking about is the patch trends. Patches has been the go-to this past months in a way that I buy everything that has patches from jeans to just DIY ing my college backpack. I think it comes because I was born in 1994 and I consider myself a 90’s gal.

Patches are a way to make your outfits looks fun, fashionable, and at least in my case, makes me feel good about a awesome trend that I couldn’t enjoy enough in the 90’s.  You can add patches to everything in your wardrobe but not exaggerating it.The simple, the better. Use patches with jackets, denim, sneakers, hats, and even bags.

Don’t know how to wear the trend? Here are some ideas (Pinterest photos)

  1. Military look: Throw on a military jacket or a bomber jacket with colors resembling military like grey, green, black, with some combat boots and you’re ready to go. If you want a more casual look, go with jeans and sneakers.

2. Bold look: To rock this look you just need a blazer or jacket that has a bold color to catch the attention not only of the patch trend but with a nice combined color to go with it. Another way to do this look is by mixing trends like stripes and patches. Be a creative and fun girl going to work or on a date with this look.

3. Sporty look:  A nice denim jacket or solid color bomber jacket will make up this look. Go with overalls, sneakers and a graphic tee for an everyday look for college or shopping day. 

Be bold and try this new trend! 



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