Fall / Winter Proof Your Curly Hair!

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Brrrr, it’s cold in here! 

With fall season around us and winter season coming up, the cold weather can damage our hair, especially curly hair. As curly hair gals, we are in a battle with the cold and dry weather to keep our curls moisturize. For that, we need to have a different hair care regimen than for any other season. Maybe you can’t see it up close but the cold weather can break our curls making them look dry and not attractive.

As I moved from Puerto Rico, where it’s practically summer the 365 days of the year, to Los Angeles this will be my first year where I will have a battle between my curls and the cold weather.  Although it doesn’t get that cold in LA, for me a windy day is cold because I’m not used to it and neither do my curls.

Hair dye company, eSalon, brought you some of their hair tips combined with mine. Are you ready to take care of your curls this fall and winter season?

Let’s Begin!


This step is one of the most important to do in every season but in the fall and winter season is even more important. You will want to keep your hair moisturize so use a good conditioner or deep conditioner and leave in for 5-7 minutes in your hair when in the shower. This will help the curls to absorb the product bringing nutrients and moisture.

I love to deep condition my hair because I feel that from all the products I use daily, it comes back like a white canvas. It gets rid of all the oil and maybe sweat from the week. You can use a deep conditioner or a mask to do this once a week. Some of my favorites are:Hask Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Deep Conditioner, Flawless Repair Hair Masque from Gabrielle Union  , and L’Oreal® Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Curls Re-Nourish Mask.



This is where it gets tricky… Because there is such a cold weather, the wind is cold as well and washing your hair to let it dry naturally can be uncomfortable. Thanks to the diffuser, you can dry your hair and don’t worry about that but, yeah there’s always a but 😂  you have to remember to use a heat protectant or use the diffuser in low. As of detangling your hair, only do it in the shower and with a wide tooth comb. Don’t comb your hair dry cause!!

One thing I love to do is the LCO Method… leave in, cream, and oil. Every time I do this method, my curls are not only flawless but healthy. Even if you don’t do the method at least seal your ends with oil. The important thing is to keep your curls hydrated!

Leave in: Carol’s Daughter Pracaxi Nector Wash N Go Leave in | Cream:  Deva Curl Coconut Curl Styler | Oil: Hask Argan Oil Repairing Shine Oil Vial


Cold weather can let down your curls meaning that the frizz is gone. For some people, it’s amazing news but for others like myself, it’s not that amazing. As there is no frizz, you need to use products that are going to do the job of giving volume to the hair. A good mousse will do the job as PlayCurl Curl Amplifying Foam .  As the weather is cold, washing your hair frequently can damage your curls, that’s why I recommend using a dry shampoo. My favorite one to use is from Batiste .


If you follow these hair tips I know your curls will be healthy and beautiful this fall and winter season. Remember: your curls is what identifies you! I hope this will help if and if it does I would LOVE to know 🙂

 Don’t be afraid of your hair! Btw I wrote a post about this topic so if you are interested in it, click here! 

Until next time,


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