10 Do’s & Dont’s For Curly Hair


For all my curly gals out there, this is for you!

Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, it is SUPER important to take care of and protect your hair so that it stays healthy. For us curly gals, our hair needs a little more care since it can get dry more easily and ends up looking not healthy There is a word that in the curly community, it is like our enemy, and that is FRIZZ. No curly gal wants FRIZZ in her hair and because of that, we have to take care a little bit more.

I know how hard it is to keep my hair shiny, bouncy and healthy. For that reason, from a pelúa to another pelúa, I want to give you some advice on what to do and what not to do with your curly hair. These tips will help you keep your curly hair “on point” and healthy.

PS. All the tips below are super practical in my life. I do them every day and they have given the best results to my curls.

Here they are! ⬇️

dont's 1

1. Don’t wash your hair every day

Curly hair produces natural oils. If you wash your hair every day, you will lose those natural oils and your hair will stop showing its shine and elasticity. RECOMMENDATION: Wash curly hair every 3 to 4 days, depending on how dry or oily your hair is.

2. Don’t untangle when dry 

This is a NO NO for curly gals. When untangling your hair dry, you will produce the FRIZZ and you will lose the definition of your curls. RECOMMENDATION: If you have knots, add moisture to the knot area with a leave-in spray and with a wide tooth comb, go slowly detangling from the bottom up.

3. Don’t use a regular towel

The way you dry your hair after washing is one of the most important steps so that the result of that wash day is the best. To dry your hair, DO NOT use a regular towel as it will break the curl pattern, it will cause a horrible FRIZZ and you can even break the strands of your hair. RECOMMENDATION: Use a microfiber towel or if you do not have it available, a shirt (T-shirt) will work for you too.

4. Don’t overload your hair with products

The key to obtaining curly hair with a lot of definition, volume and shine is to balance the products you apply. You have to study what products go hand in hand, since some products for their ingredients and their function, it is NOT recommended to be mixed. It is important to apply the necessary amount and that the application is equal and uniform. RECOMMENDATION: Divide the hair into sections so that each strand of your hair obtains the necessary moisture. Personally, the best way to apply products is using the LOC Method (leave-in, oil, cream). Create your favorite product mix using this method.

5. Don’t touch hair while drying

We know that curly hair looks better when dry and that is why we must have patience when we finish applying the products and wait for the hair to dry 100% to finally have the desired curls. If you play with your hair while it’s not 90% to 100% dry, the pattern of the curls will be broken and it will not look as you wish. RECOMMENDATION: If you want to speed up the drying process, you can use a diffuser at low temperature and in low air level (does not break pattern). By using the diffuser, it will also help you obtain volume. (Something I LOVE in my hair ❤️)


do's 1.png

1. Deep Condition once a week

It’s an important part of your hair’s routine in order to keep it healthy, shiny, and more manageable. With a little bit of love to your curls once a week, your hair will thank you’ll see it in the final results. There are different types of deep conditioners depending on the need of your hair. Make your Sundays your deep condition day.  After applying and removing the conditioner, apply the deep condition product and cover it with a bathing cap  5-10 min for that product to “cook” and work.

2. Change your hair products every 1-2 months

The time will come when your “holy grail” product will stop doing its magic on your hair because they get used to it and your hair will not look the same, at least, it’s something that happens to me. Try different products every 1 or 2 months so that you get to know new products that can be better than your holy grail and that will work just like that favorite product of yours. Something important that you have to keep in mind is that your hair reacts differently with the seasons of the year. Learn which product works best for your hair in each season and your hair will thank you! 

3. Trim your hair every 1-2 months

This is KEY for curly gals. Make this part of your monthly routine and also include it in your monthly budget and this way you’ll never forget it. By cutting your ends every 1 to 2 months, it will make the hair stay fresh, healthy, grow faster and make the preferred shape and volume stay intact.

4. Use a satin pillow or cap

This will be your best friend to sleep. When you sleep, your hair rubs against the pillow and this hurts your hair strands, causing it to have more frizz and can even break the strands of your hair. Use a satin pillow or a cap to prevent all of this and that in the morning when you get up, you don’t look like a lion haha. Also, your hair routine will be short and simple. 


For many curly gals, the love towards our curls does not come in just one day, it does take time. Sometimes a long time and sometimes shorter. But the key here is PATIENCE and RESPECT. Something you can do to keep yourself full of enthusiasm and motivation to love your curls is to look for a person, influencer, blogger with whom you feel identified and see her as your role model.

BONus: If you are in this process of transition and you feel scared or not prepared, I invite you to read a post I wrote about how to accept your curly hair and love it. If you are interested, click here!



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