5 must-see movies that talk about curly hair in the Afro-Latin & African-American community

Every since I was a kid, my hair was everything. It had to be fixed. Only then it was perfect” – Nappily Ever After


The year 2018 was an important one for the Afro-Latin and the African-American community. It was a year where our community grew, as well as society’s acceptance of curly hair. Something very important that happened was also the representation of Afro-Latins and the African-Americans in movies and series. A clear example of this is Black Panther, a film where all the cast was African-American.

Like Blank Panther, many other films were released in theaters and on Netflix with not only representation of our culture and community but also the theme of curly hair. These films expose situations that Afro-Latins and the African-Americans live day to day in society and with their curly hair.

I am a sucker for films and even more when they are films with which I feel identified and have a positive and full of empowerment message. No one likes to miss a movie night, so the next time you plan one and you want to feel motivated, inspired and know more about curly hair in the Afro-Latin and Afro-American culture, these films that I am going to recommend are a MUST TO SEE 🙌🏾

5 must see movies..png


1. Good Hair by Chris Rock


Synopsis Documentary focused on the issue of how African-American women have perceived their hair and have historically handled and designed it. The documentary explores the current styling industry for African-American women, images of what is considered acceptable and desirable for the hair of African-American women in the United States and their relationship with their culture.

2. Nappily Ever After


Synopsis: This film presents different situations from the relationship and respect that African-American women have with their hair to how self-love and falling in love with oneself is the key to living a life full of love.

This new Netflix movie Rom-Com tells the life of Violet Jones, played by actress Sannah Lathan, an African-American businesswoman who has a perfect life – the perfect boyfriend, the perfect job and the perfect hair. And “perfect hair” is referred to straightened hair … But since nothing is perfect in the world, her “perfect” life revolves greatly when she receives an unexpected gift on his birthday from his partner. She confronts her partner after the party and it is here when he learns that the woman and perfect life that with so much work she wanted to project and obtain, was not what he was looking for. This shocking truth helps her discover that her life was completely false. Her real and non-perfect life begins the moment she makes a decision that will change her personal and professional life.

2. Pelo Malo


Synopsis: This is a film of a boy named Junior who, for the day of the school photo, wants to dress like a fashion singer. The situation gets complicated when he wants to be a singer with straight hair. This brings conflicts and confrontations with his mother Marta because she does not want her hair straightened. The mom is slowly rejecting him and that’s when Junior is finally forced to make a painful decision.


4. Angélica


Synopsis: It tells the story of a young black woman who has spent her life fleeing her biracial identity until a family crisis makes her face her identity and her relationship with her family. In this psychological drama, it is presented how discrimination affects family and individual relationships.

This film is a 100% Puerto Rican film that faces the racism of the Island.

4. Something New


Synopsis: This film presents interracial relationships and traditional African-American family values and social customs.

Ken McQueen (Sanaa Lathan), with professional vocation, has a blind date with the architect Brian Kelly (Simon Baker), but this one backs out when she realizes that he is white. Impressed by her work at a friend’s mansion, McQueen hires Kelly to design her new garden, and that’s when he falls in love with her. But, after her friends introduce her to executive Mark Harper (Blair Underwood), she must choose between the kind of man she always dreamed she wanted and give in to the little surprises of life.


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