10 basic curly hair terms you NEED to know

Have you ever wondered what Big Chop, LOC Method, Wash & Go means, among other terms of curly hair? If you have asked yourself, you will no longer have doubts because here I am to be your guide and tell you the meanings of these and many more terms 🙋🏾 

PS. If you’re more of watching videos and not reading, I got you! I invite you to visit my Facebook page where I made a video with my best friend talking about these terms. In the video, I’m doing a pop quiz to see how many curly hair terms my best friends knows in a fun and goofy way.

These terms that I will mention are 10 basic terms that people who are in the process of transition, people with curl or no curl hair should know so that they understand the process of how to maintain and take care of your hair in order to have it healthy.

Now yes, let’s start!

1. Big Chop

Is the breaking point of all curly gals when she decides to let her natural hair shine. The big chop is basically shaving all the damaged hair to let the natural and healthy hair be born. This process is a very strong one because it is full of sad feelings but at the same time positive and happy. The person who decides to do the big chop, will leave behind a different life and will start a new one. There are people who get used to the cut quickly but there are others who take a long time. The most important thing during this process is to have friends and family supporting you and being with you.

2. Shrinkage

It’s when the hair shrinks. Basically, when the hair is wet, it is longer and when it dries, becomes shorter because it shrinks. There are products that make your hair shrink more than usual, so you should know what are the ideal products for your hair type.

3. 2A, 3B, 3C, 4C

These are different types of hair. Each person with curly hair has a different, unique and special hair type. Each hair is handled differently since some need more moisture than others, among many other things. If you do not know what your hair type is, click here to read a publication I made about different types of curly hair.

4. Co-Wash

It is to wash your hair with conditioner instead of with shampoo. There are curly girls who wash their hair with conditioner because it is beneficial for their hair as it does not dry their curls or lose natural oils. If you do not feel comfortable washing your hair with conditioner, there are Deep Conditioners and specific Co-Wash products that are good to use for this routine.

5. Wash & Go

This term has a different meaning among curly gals. The way I understand it and do it doing a quick hair cleaning, without anything of a deep condition and then a simple product application and I continue with my day. In the product application, I use a single product on all the hair and basically I skip the process of doing some styling technique.  By styling technique, I mean cruch, finger coil, etc. I only apply my product and let it dry with natural air. . There are brands of products like Carol’s Daughter, that have Wash & Go products specifically. These products will make your process be simple and quick.

6. Pineapple

It is a protective style where you turn your head upside down and pick up your hair with a hair tie at the top of your head. The hair tie should not be too tight in the hair so it does not break the hair strand. Usually, this hairstyle is made to sleep with a satin scarf to protect your hair from the pillow. It is also a good technique to create volume in the hair.

7. L.O.C. Method

A way to apply products for curly gals. LOC Method means, Leave-in, Oil, Cream. This product application technique is very popular among curly gals and more in the cold months, to seal well the moisture in your hair.

8. Porosity

It is the ability of your hair to absorb the product and maintain moisture in it. There are two types of porosity: low porosity & high porosity. Depending on the type of porosity that your hair has, it also depends on the products that you are going to apply to your hair. Low porosity: your hair absorbs less product and you have little moisture. High porosity: your hair absorbs more moisture but at the same time, it lets it go easily.

9. Diffuser

A hair dry tool to dry your hair faster without causing frizz n your hair like when hair drying with natural air. It also increases your hair’s volume. The best I’ve tried and I recommend it to the maximum is the diffuser of The Curly Co. It leaves my hair without any frizz, with lots of volume and is travel-friendly.

10. Protective Styles

Hairstyling style to protect hair from knots, breakage, promotes the rapid growth of your hair and keeps curly hair under control. Some examples of these protective styles are: bantu knots, box braids, dreadlocks, cornrows, etc.

So this are the 10 basic terms you should know about curly hair. If you know these terms, you will do very well in the management and care of your hair. In the beginning, when I was starting to study and know my curly hair, these terms were the ones that helped me know it.  By knowing them completely, the process and styling routines were easier.


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