10 Essentials Tools for Curly Hair Gals

Have you ever wondered what are the essential tools to maintain and take care of curly hair?

Taking care of curly hair for some people can be a headache and/or their worst nightmare. The reasons for this can be multiple but the most common is because they have never worked with curly hair and do not know how to do it.

I have to admit that taking care of curly hair has its challenges. There are certain routines that can be tedious by the waiting time but the more you accept and love your natural hair, the more you will love these routines because they will give you the best results in your natural hair.

In addition to having PATIENCE AND RESPECT, the key to having impeccable, desirable and healthy curls is to use the best tools and products. Below I tell you 10 essential tools that every girl and/or boy with curly hair should have ⬇️


1. Wide Tooth Brush


The elasticity of the hair when wet is different and you have to manage it with more affection. The wide tooth brush will allow you to untangle wet or dry (preferably wet) hair easily. This comb slides smoothly in your curls and the knots you have will disappear without you feeling any pain or suffering. (That’s the part that curly girls are afraid of, how much it will hurt to take off a knot 😭)

* They also recommend using your own fingers. I use the wide toothbrush when I’m in the bathtub and I untangle my hair with conditioner and then before applying the products, I use my fingers *

2. Diffuser 


I can’t live without this tool. It’s my life 😂A diffuser is a tool for drying curly hair in a faster way. Likewise, it will give you volume. And what curly jeva doesn’t want volume in her hair?

You can buy the diffuser next to the blower or you can buy it separately. My favorite and the one I’ve been using for almost a year now is from The Curly Co. This diffuser is my favorite for two things: it’s silicone (it will not mistreat your hair) and it’s travel/space friendly (it does not take up much space when it shrinks) and it’s perfect for traveling) … It was the best I’ve ever tried and my curls are always flawless thanks to him.

3. Afro Pick


This tool has become my holy grail / must-to that I always carry in my bag. You know, to have my hair set for any unexpected picture time 😉 The Afro pic will give you a volume to another level. Remember to only use it in the root area. If you use it in the tips, you will lose your definition. I recommend the plastic afro pic, it is much better for your hair. The metal one is a NO NO!

4. Satin Cap/ Satin Pillowcase


Both products will protect your hair and help reduce the frizz caused by the movement with the pillow when sleeping. Also, many curly girls make a pineapple and put a handkerchief or hair band in satin.

5. Clear Water Bottle


Your ideal tool when you want to moisten the hair a little so that the process of combing is easier and faster. Fun Fact: when I was little, my mom to comb my hair filled a bottle with the water and conditioner mixture to moisten my hair. Did your mothers also do the same?

6.  Microfiber Towel


Say GOODBYE to the regular towel to dry your hair 🙅🏾 The microfiber towel is the one you should use to dry your hair to NOT create frizz and maintain the shape of your curls. I got mine from Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I changed the towel every 2 months or depending on how mistreated I am by the use.

7.   Headwrap


ALL of you need one! If you are having a bad hair day but want to show off your curls or want to have a different look in your hairstyles, the headwrap is THE ONE to have. Headwraps come in many styles, from different textures, solid colors to designs and patterns. I got mine on the Embrace Crowns page.


8.   Scrunchies


The famous ties and/or scrunchies are super important in the life of all curly jeva. Sometimes you leave your house and you love your hair as it looks but the wind is not in your favor and it messes everything … there is the tie to the rescue 😂

I prefer the scrunchies and more if they are satin because it will not hurt your hair to make a bow.

9. Croc Clips/Styling Clips


These clips will help you manage, divide, and style your hair. To divide your hair when applying the products in your wash day, the croc clips are ideal. If you want to give volume on top of your hair or want to define your curls more, the styling clips are the ones you should use 🙂


10. Denman Brush


I discovered this brush about a month ago and I’ve been using it in my hair routine since then. There are different styles of Denman Brush for different hair types. The purpose of using a Denman Brush is to make your curls more defined. And believe me, the definition in your curls is REAL 😍

Now that you know which tools are the best for your curly hair, you have no excuse not to take care of it better 🙂


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