5 Curly Hairstyles you need to try NOW

The famous bobby pins, bold and funky pins came to my life to stay and also for all fashions and hair lovers. I have seen how the 90’s fashion has surrounded the fashions and beauty world with the return of overalls, fanny packs and now with different hair accessories such as scrunchies, bobby pins, funky pins, and wide bandanas.

Let me tell you something … I have been OBSESSED with hair accessories for about 2 months now. It all started when Tanya from La Maranta Riza challenged me to wear my hair different using bobby pins. When I accepted the challenge I was not sure if I would like the way I was going to look because I always wear my hair down or in a pineapple when it’s time to wash it. On the day of the challenge, I looked for photos on Pinterest, got inspired, and the hairstyle was a success. Many people loved the hairstyle and the way I wore my hair differently. After that day, I’ve been changing my look with accessories and showing that curly gals can also use hair accessories and look gorgeous with them. 🙌🏾

Now that I shared my motivation to wear my hair differently, I want to show you the hairstyles that I have done and that you can also recreate it. See them here⬇️


1. Crossed Sleek to the Side

This hairstyle is the one I did for Tanya’s (La Maranta Riza) challenge.



2. Sleek to the Side

The pins are from  Loobanys. (On my IG I have a tutorial for this hairstyle). Use the code: curly10 for a 10% discount.



3. Bang Bang Pineapple

Pins from  Loobanys


4. Pineapple with a Twist

Bandana is from Forever 21



5. Sleek Bun with a Twist 



Which one is your favorite hairstyle? If you recreate any, do not forget to tag me on IG or use the #acurlymess to see it ☺️


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