I try some new hair ties and they are the best ties for curly hair

Have you ever had a hair tie brake while doing a ponytail or a bun?  

It happened to me a lot and even more when I was little and my mom styles my hair in the morning bun for school until little by little I have been finding the ideal and perfect hair tie for my hair 💪🏾

I do not tie my hair a lot because I like to have it loose but when I tie it, which is mostly when it is time to wash or when I exercise, I usually get it in a pineapple. To make my pineapple, I like to wear a tie that is not stretched and that my hair is well adjusted without it been mistreated or split. For years I have used the hair ties with glue in it to join the two sides instead of metal and they have worked well BUT with those, I have the struggle that 1. they stretch quickly and 2. they break from nothing.

For almost a year I have given myself the task of getting some hair ties that does not mistreat my hair and that does not break or stretch easily and I HAVE FOUND THEM 💪🏾. I liked them so much that I want to share 3 different types of HAIR TIES that I like to use in my hair and that it suffers 0 mistreatment ⬇️



I found this type of hair tie interesting as soon as I saw it in an ad that appeared on my Instagram feed. They are elastic-free, they give you a good hold when you do any hairstyle, they do not mistreat the hair, you can easily remove it and the most interesting of all is .. that if they are stretched, you can un stretched them by putting it in hot water 😱 I have been using them for a month mostly to exercise and OMG, I love them 😍 My hair is not marked as classic elastic hair ties do and does not end up mistreated. You can get them here


Moños de Satin: Embrace Crowns

The scrunchies are IN now BUT curly queens if you want to use them, I recommend that they must be satin. My favorites are from Embrace Crowns because they are from a beautiful local woman entrepreneur, they are hand-made and are super comfortable for my hair. I usually use them when I go to sleep and I do a pineapple (this when it is already wash-day). With these satin ties, I can do two wraps and I feel my hair tight. There are several color options and at a good price. Get them here

Moños de algodón: Beya Accesories

These hair ties took me by surprise. Let me tell you … every time I went to Beya I saw them but I never bought them thinking that they were not good UNTIL a friend of mine, Marianne Enid, put them in her IG stories and asked her if she liked them and she did. So on a trip to Plaza Las Américas, I made a quick stop at Beya and bought them. Wow! It was my first reaction to how delicate they were for my hair. They are very good for people who have a LOT of hair. (These were the ones I needed when I had the box braids).

** The only thing I don’t like very much about these ties is that they leave your hair marked with any hairstyle I do and it stretches a little but BESIDES THAT, I really like it for when I want a hairstyle have a good grip.

Tell me, what are your favorite hair tie?


A Curly Mess

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