5 styling techniques for curly hair

Having curly hair should be easy because you don’t have to style it …

How many have heard this sentence? I hear it almost every day and my answer is always: EVEN THOUGH IT LOOKS EASY, IT IS NOT. (in a nice way, of course) One of the reasons is because the process of styling the hair is long. Between the application of products, styling and drying of the hair, you can easily be 30 minutes to 1 hour or more in this process (depending on the length of your hair).

As people have told me the statement above, they have also asked me: what do you do to have your hair so defined and healthy? My answer is to use the perfect products for my hair type and also the way I style it. During my years with curly hair, I have had different styles and hair cuts so I have tried different techniques to make my hair look defined, healthy and with a lot of volume.

Today, I want to share the different techniques that I have done in my curly hair that you, no matter your hair type, can do so that your curls also look better than ever 🙂


1.Use Denman Brush: The Denman Brush is a tool to define, untangle and/or comb curly hair. Depending on your hair type, it’s the Denman brush that you should use because of the bristles of the brush. The way I use my Denman brush is to give definition to my hair. How do I use it? After applying the products in a section, I proceed with the brush very close to the root and when I get to the bottom of the hair section, I turn it 360. I repeat this for all the sections that I do in my hair and when I finish turning the brush, I do the scrunching method. 

2. Scrunching: This technique is the most common in the curly community and I have done them in all the styles/cuts I have had. Scrunching can be done for two things: with wet hair to give volume to your hair and with dry hair to soften the curls that are a little hard because of the gel. How do I do scrunching? After applying the products in sections, I tilt my head to the side that I am working on my section, place that section in the palm of my hand and I squeeze the hair towards the root and then dropping the section. This helps define those curls and improve their shape. If I want more definition, in certain sections I do the finger coiling technique.

3. Finger Coiling: This technique is a way that some curly gals do to manipulate the shape of the curls and these are super defined. I have implemented this technique a lot in my bangs because I like having it on point and it also creates more volume on the front. How do I do it? Before starting this technique, I have to make sure that I have enough product (either styling cream or gel) on my fingers to make it easier for me to do the technique. In the part of the bangs and in other parts where I want to manipulate the curl more, I wrap the strand of hair around my fingers and start turning it to the right or left. While turning the strand, I go down the same so that the finger coil is from the root to the tips. ** make the turn in your fingers to the side where your hair is going towards and not vice versa.

4. Rake & Shake: I used this technique a lot when I had longer hair. It worked better than with short hair. The name of this technique describes it perfectly.  What is a rake and shake? To do this technique, you will practically drag your products in the hair section and at the end, you will shake (move from side to side) the strand to shape those curls. If you want more volume, you can do scrunching.

5. Poppling: Of all the techniques, this is the only one that I have not done but in my next wash I will do it but I’ve seen curly friends do it and it catches my attention. What is plopping? With quite wet hair and applied products, you will place a shirt on a chair or on the bed with the sleeves at the end near you. You are going to flip your hair forward and place it on top of the shirt. With what is left of the shirt in front, you will put it on top of your neck and then you will tie the shirt sleeves with a knot. Let your hair dry for 10-15 minutes and after removing it, you will see a fairly dry hair (you can heat it with blower around it) and with definition. Plopping is done to reduce water and hair frizz.


What is your favorite styling technique for your hair?


A Curly Mess

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