11 Curly Hair Holiday Hairstyles

The holiday season has already begun and our curly hair also wants to look on point and on-trend this Christmas.

In this festive season, I love to step away from my comfort zone and give an extra touch to my hair with different hairstyles from the most casual looking to the most fancy looking ones. Depending on the occasion, festive activity and the time I have is the hairstyle that I do to look a little different from how I usually wear my hair, loose and without any accessories.

A trend that I have seen a lot in social media for hair are wide headbands, headbands with pearls, bobby pins with pearls and rhinestones, among many others. I have to be honest and tell you that I have become obsessed with this trend. I know that this trend is going to stand out this Christmas, so here I show you 11 perfect hairstyles to wear  that range from the most casual but trendy to the most extra but cute ones 🎄

(This post is part of a collaboration with Beya Accessories and Loobanys of which I am a Brand Ambassador)



These hairstyles are the most casual that you can wear for your work party, Christmas Day, Three Kings Day (celebrated in Puerto Rico and other Catholic countries) and even for a date you have with your partner or friends. For these hairstyles, I wanted to make them easy, that with just one accessory your hair would look From Casual to Prada.


These hairstyles are a little more detailed and with more accessories on the hair so they can see your Eye for Detail 😍 You can wear these hairstyles for activities at night like Christmas Eve or Three Kings Eve (celebrated in Puerto Rico and other Catholic countries) Even if you are a little minimalist, you can wear it even for New Years, why not?


Definitely, these hairstyles are EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA and that’s why you’ll love them and more if you like sparkly things.  It’s your time to be the spotlight in New Year’s Eve and welcome a new year with the right foot.



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