Tips to Handle Dyed Curly Hair- Collab with Noeli (My Curly Room)

If you have dyed hair and / or want to dye it for a different look, these tips will help you keep your hair healthy 🙂

Last Wednesday, April 15, I had the opportunity to share with Noeli from @mycurlyroom on an Instagram Live on my platform @_acurlymessto talk about our hair, experiences with colored hair and how to care for colored curly hair. We have both dyed hair of different colors more than 3 times and currently we have blonde hair, mostly for highlights. After sharing our anecdotes about colored hair, Noeli, a curly hair stylist, shared several tips to take care of our colored hair and keep it healthy. Here are the tips she gave us:





  1. Hair washing: It is recommended to wash hair less so that the dye lasts longer and preserves the color without dulling it. Wash hair 1 to 2 times in weeks in combination with a co-wash (wash hair only with conditioner) to maintain natural levels of moisture.
  2. NO TO HEAT: Minimize the use of tools that transmit heat to hair such as blowers and flat irons. If using the tools, apply a heat protector before to avoid damaging the hair. The diffuser can be used in medium or cold temperature since it does not transmit direct heat to the hair and the air is dispersed. ** If you are in the process of transition, you should not use heat tools since it slows down the process and can further mistreat it.
  3. WATER, HOT OR COLD ?: Cold water is not for everyone, but it is recommended to wash your hair with cold water to seal the humidity of the hair and increase shine. If you can’t with cold water, wash it off with lukewarm water and at the end of the wash, remove the conditioner with cold water to seal the strand that opened with the lukewarm water.
  4. Shower filters: Do not wash your hair with faucet water🙅🏾 Minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium, dry hair. Tip: For your atomizer, use better bottle water.
  5. Sulfate-free shampoo: Using sulfate-free shampoo is a MUST for colored curly hair. A sulfate shampoo will clean your hair completely but it will make you lose hydration and dye in your hair. If you have full dyed blonde hair or highlights, the PURPLE SHAMPOO is recommended to use it to neutralize yellow / copper shades.
  6. Deep Conditioner: Applying deep conditioner once a week is very important in your washing routine. This will give your hair all the hydration it needs to look healthy, shiny and not dry. IMPORTANT: use a deep conditioner without sulfate.
  7. Protein Mask: Protein masks are great for helping to strengthen hair and replenish hydration. It is recommended to apply these protein masks once a month or when the hair feels “vipolar” for example that it has lost elasticity. Some brands with protein masks are Briogeo, Mielle Organics and Shea Moisture.
  8. Hair Home Masks: These masks will help nourish your hair. It depends on the mask you make, it is your benefit. The benefits may include: hydration, luminosity, shine, anti-dandruff, among others. You can apply hair masks to your hair every two weeks. A homemade mask to hydrate the scalp is aloe vera and egg yolk.
  9. Shampoo that deposits color: There are shampoos that deposit color for different colors of colored hair to revive the shades and prevent the color from fading. Here I share an article that shows different shampoos that deposit color:

I have to thank Noeli for joining me on IG live and for sharing these tips to take care of our manes and make them look beautiful. To be honest, there are some of these tips that I didn’t do but from now on I will incorporate all these tips into my routine.


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